In case you had a question, I tried to answer them here:

Where are you sending money?

So far we've donated to:

Red Cross Australia Ukraine Appeal>> 

UNHCR Appeal>>

Cash For Refugees>> 

How do we know that you will donate the money?

Most of you who ended up on this link know me personnally or via social media. You know me as a straight-forward, no bs person, genuine and with integrity.

I'll keep everything transparent. After your purchase I'll send you an update to your email when the donations come through. You can also track the progress on my Instagram account @winederella

Are you making money on this?

I'm not taking any money from your purchases for myself. Expenses associated with organising this initiative (Shopify subscription fee, petrol to pick up the tshirts, etc) I'm paying from my own money. 

Why are you sending money to Russia?

I'm not sending money to Russia but to support refugees from Donbass who same way lost their homes but had even less choice of where to flee. There are both Russians and Ukranians on both sides who suffer from this tragedy.

We shouldn't choose "who is more worthy to be helped" in situations like this. 

When my T-shirt will arrive?

It usually take 4-7 business days to print the T-shirt + delivery time to your area. 

You will receive notifications to your email when your t-shirt is printed and posted.

I don't want the T-shirt but I want to help.

You can donate via the links at the top of the page. If you have ideas for better T-shirt designs that you'd wear, send me a note via the contact form